Funerals as Unique as Your Life

Our commitment is to pay careful attention to the wishes of each member of the bereaved family, providing a comforting setting for reflecting and remembrance and arrange every detail as the family desires. Each member of our experienced staff is dedicated to alleviating the stress and grief associated with the death of a loved one.

We serve our area with a sense of obligation to meet the changing needs of families and offer the highest level of professionalism. With pride we bring generations of understanding and commitment, well-planned, "state of the art", thoughtfully-decorated facilities in convenient, easily accessible locations, and an unmatched reputation for price sensitivity without compromising service, quality and caring.

We are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to your needs. We provide coordination of service plans with the clergy, musicians, cemetery and/or other parties involved in final disposition. We provide assistance in the completion of the death certificate, Social Security and Veterans forms and the disposition permit.

Every person who comes through the doors of Hugeback - Johnson Funeral Home receives the same attentive service. First and foremost, we listen to you, provide suggestions if you need them, and offer heartfelt compassion. No other funeral home in our area knows you like we do. We’ve been in this area for a long time, and deeply value our connection to those who live here.

We keenly know that decision-making during the hours following the loss of a loved one is difficult. We offer the extensive information below because we know that many are not fully aware of the services available today. We hope it helps make your funeral planning just that much easier.

Comfort in Tradition

Familiar rites and rituals gives everyone peace-of-mind. A traditional funeral with an accompanying visitation looks and feels like it did years ago and brings comfort to all.

A Patriotic Tribute

Honoring a veteran can include a 21 rifle salute, a flag presentation ceremony, a graveside ceremony, and even the playing of taps. No matter what you choose to include, such a service always shows your gratitude for their sacrifice and dedication.

The Value of Coming Together

Even with a cremation, bringing family and friends together to share memories and to support one another can be done simply and elegantly. Offer everyone an opportunity to collectively begin the healing process.

Comfort Hearts and Nourish Connections

Throughout their lives, they cared for those they loved with good food, lovingly prepared. Now, celebrate that love by sharing their favorites in a relaxed gathering. A chili or seafood feast? Maybe desserts were their specialty. Whatever it was, gather together and savor the memories.

A Last Ride

There’s often a special connection between someone and their vehicle. Maybe it’s the fire truck they served on; maybe it’s the motorcycle they loved to ride on weekends. It might even be the love of a fine horse. Bring that love to life, by including that special relationship in the services.

Coming Home

There’s no place like home. Bringing family and friends together in a home or private garden focuses the emotions of comfort found in such a familiar setting. There may be no better place to say goodbye, because home is where the heart is.

Explore The Possibilities

Visualize the possibilities with this unique planning tool. Scroll through the images with the slider, and when you’ve found yourself inspired, visit Designing Your Funeral for additional support in planning a service as unique as the life well-lived.

A Sporting Celebration

Consider the sports fan. No matter what the sport, there’s an energy, and excitement to being a part of the scene. Bring that energy into the service by surrounding everyone in the favored team memorabilia, or possibly a tailgate party, and share in the traditional ‘game fever.’

A Treasured Keepsake

Bringing home such a gift of love can make a memorial service truly memorable. Gather together a beloved collection, whether teddy bears, tea cups, or fishing lures; and share them with the guests after the ceremony to let everyone leave with a memory they can keep forever.

Playing the Game

Poker, anyone? Maybe Bridge was their game. Or Chess. Whatever game they enjoyed, bring it into the service by staging a card party in their honor. Just think of the memories that will surface, as the games progress.

Taking the Stage

“All the world’s a stage, and all men and women merely players.” For the thespian, such a theatrical event would be the perfect end to a perfectly brilliant life. Bring up the lights, and honor the actor and the life they so enjoyed.

Into the Deep Blue

Eternal life as part of a barrier reef. For those of us who love the sea, there’s no better thought than our cremated remains providing shelter for the beautiful creatures of the deep. Create a permanent living legacy, to memorialize and honor your loved one.

Reach for the Stars

“Fly me to the moon; let me sing among those stars.” Many of us long to be able to travel among the planets of our solar system and out among the stars. Becoming part of the cosmos may be the perfect ‘send off’ for someone special.

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